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Fundamentals for Couples: What Is My Relationship Attachment Style?

Are you familiar with attachment styles? This psychological concept describes how people relate in their closest relationships. Sometimes folks of certain attachment styles are drawn to each other – which can make for an easier or more challenging time. Understanding your attachment style and your partner’s attachment style can help

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Change Your Language, Change Your Relationship

Have you ever wondered how some conversations with your partner can descend into bickering so quickly? It’s true that conflict in relationships can be caused by deeper, underlying tension. Sometimes it might feel impossible to change your relationship. But conflict can also arise from misunderstandings. And those can happen from

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Do You Truly “Come Back” to Your Relationship?

If you were to balance your life hours in a ledger, how many would actually be spent with your partner? While demands of work, home, and childcare are worth the investment, you may walk away from your relationship and forget to invest in it again. That gradual wear can devolve

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Made in the Shade: 5 Cool Dog House Plans

Summer is right around the corner! Do you have a way to keep your pooch cool and covered on those sweltering days? We’ve rounded up a list of five cool and *free* dog house building plans for you. Whether you’re seeking a design for simple or complex skills, there’s something for

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Help! My Dog Needs More Variety in His Day!

Most dogs are social and active creatures by nature. Just like humans, they can get bored – or even depressed – without regular stimulation. Part of being a pet parent is making sure your furry family members’ needs are met, so if you think they’re under-stimulated, you may be saying to yourself: “I

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5 Tips for a Great Road Trip with Your Pup

As the days turn warmer and kids get out of school, you may feel the desire for a road trip coming on. You may also be wondering: can I bring my furry best friend with me? Maybe you’re already smiling, thinking of how much your dog will enjoy hiking, camping, or just exploring a new

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Does Your Pup Need the Leptospirosis Vaccine for Dogs?

The leptospirosis vaccine for dogs is not mandatory, and many places do not include it in their base vaccine packages for this reason. At Essentials PetCare, however, it is part of our bundled dog vaccines for all ages eligible to receive the vaccine. Why? Because lepto can lead to serious

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4 Easy and Fun Cat DIY Projects

At Essentials PetCare, we know how much our cat owners love their furry family members, so what better way to show them some love than with handmade gifts? You don’t have to be a master crafter to create these four cat DIY projects! All you need are a few simple

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How to Work From Home with Multiple Sclerosis

Many people with multiple sclerosis work from home. Fatigue remains one of the most prominent symptoms of MS. Waking up early, getting ready for the day, and commuting can already prove tiresome for a person without a chronic condition – when you add in the challenges of MS, the daily

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The Ultimate Guide to Assistive Technology for the Elderly

At Live in Place Designs, we believe that aging gracefully with independence can be achieved through good home design. For this article, we’d like to focus on a particularly easy-to-implement element of aging in place: assistive technology for the elderly. Assistive or adaptive technology for aging is exactly what it

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