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The WR Digital Marketing team is proud of the role we play in our clients’ successes.

But we don't do it alone. Our clients are partners in the process. Their hard work, passion, and dedication to providing quality services and products are a vital part of each of the stories below.

#1 in Event Registrations on Platform of 8 Million+ Members

Even though the pandemic is over, many organizations report difficulty getting people to come to in-person events. Not WR Digital!

We have had sustained success in building attendance for the Alignable Alliance of North Austin, where we regularly see 30-40 people attending our monthly Lunch & Learns. In fact, our group has now been recognized twice for the most average event registrations on the entire Alignable platform.

Plan, implement, measure, repeat. That’s our secret. When you do this, you build on your success. Because you get rid of what doesn’t work and you double-down on what does work.

From Booked to Busy -- to Overflowing!

This therapy practice had three websites — two individual therapist websites plus one for their combined practice. 

WR Digital Marketing advised them to merge the three sites into one to increase their overall search traffic.

Our team transferred over 650 pages, which required careful planning. Each change had to be appropriately communicated to Google to ensure a smooth transition of the search traffic.

And it paid off! About 25-50% of the new site’s growth came from simply redirecting traffic from the two old sites to the new one. But 50-75% of the growth came from the increased authority created by combining the two sites, which was the goal.

The end result?

The practice grew so busy that they had to create a client waiting list. Then, the waiting list got so full they had to close it!

From Crickets to Needing a Calling Service

This firm wanted to increase the number of leads coming from their site. But they didn’t have a budget for a full redesign.

We advised them to focus on the aspects of the site that were most likely to lead to noticeable results.

Specifically, we instituted a branding redesign on the front end and a technical SEO overhaul on the back end. Additionally, we identified key pages to update to current SEO standards and a writing style focused on encouraging conversions.

Finally, over the course of the year, we helped the firm maintain a more regular blog publishing schedule for SEO and an email strategy for nurturing leads.

The end result?
The site refresh was so successful that the firm had to hire a calling service to handle the influx of new phone calls.

34% Boost in Online Check-ins!

This chain of pet clinics was already creating regular content when they reached out to us, but it wasn’t quite working as well as they hoped. To promote a hopeful expansion, they wanted to increase brand awareness by reaching more new users and getting more people to check in for walk-in appointments online.

We built out a keyword strategy around their target demographics. And then we implemented a content plan, including both copywriting and design, to increase their site traffic and support their email campaigns. We credit the success of the SEO campaign to keeping the target client at the heart of all content.

The end result?

The clinics reported a 34% boost in online check-ins for walk-in appointments!

Near 300% increase in clicks and new users compared to last year

From Facebook... to Instagram

This business consultant was seeing amazing Facebook growth… before the pandemic. But when Facebook’s ad policies became hard to pin down (to say the least), WR Digital Marketing shifted gears about halfway through the year to focus on Instagram.

And it ended up being an even bigger success!

The end result?

The client had more incoming inquiries from people seeking her products and services, including some from across the country, which had never happened before.

3X Better Email Performance

This therapist was seeing a decline in her newsletter click-through rate over time. 

It was clear from her high open rate and low unsubscribe rate that her audience was engaged with the content. But they weren’t clicking through to the site where they might take more actions.

WR Digital Marketing made changes to the email template and implemented a second send strategy, which resulted in a massive improvement to the number of people clicking through.

The end result?

The client used the new newsletter template on all future campaigns, maintaining the performance improvement over time. Her practice became so busy that she had to stop taking on new clients.

Website Now Loads Twice as Fast

Technical SEO is tricky. Many of the factors used to give you a score on how well you’re doing don’t matter that much from the practical standpoint of the user, and thus don’t have a huge impact on search rank. In fact, if you look up many of the top sites in the world, they don’t meet the metrics supposedly required for good technical SEO.

How silly is it? Google’s site doesn’t even meet the company’s own standards! So take all technical SEO advice with a grain of salt.

That being said, there are some important things to pay attention to. One of the biggest? Load time. 

This client was having some real trouble with people getting their page to load quickly. But in just three billed hours of work…

The end result?

 …we were able to cut their time almost in half. That’s something users (and Google) definitely noticed!

More Engagement from Moms

This international educational program came to us with the goal of entering the US market for the first time. They wanted to ensure their social content was speaking to North American moms specifically, and they felt their current posts were falling short.

The many mothers on the WR Digital marketing team put their heads together to create a new social strategy. Through market research, we identified 3 groups of moms who would most likely be attracted to the program. Then we built out a content strategy targeting those mothers specifically.

The end result?

The company saw a drastic improvement in engagement within the first 30 days of the strategy shift.

Over 80 Booking Inquiries in 2 Months for a Hotel

This hotel boasted an attached water park with whirlpool tubs, two waterslides, a wading pool, sauna, and a fitness room – but no Facebook page.

This meant building their presence on Facebook from the ground up with the goal of growing an audience of future customers to engage with and, ultimately, to drive room bookings and waterpark ticket sales. 

The end result?

200+ shares, comments, and reactions; 245k ad impressions; and 5,600 ad clicks. But more importantly, direct business in the form of 51 calls and 35 direct messages about booking or waterpark tickets after a two-month campaign. 

More Results

Stories coming soon!