SEO Case Studies

From Booked to Busy -- to Overflowing!

This therapy practice had three websites — two individual therapist websites plus one for their combined practice. 

WR Digital Marketing advised them to merge the three sites into one to increase their overall search traffic.

Our team transferred over 650 pages, which required careful planning. Each change had to be appropriately communicated to Google to ensure a smooth transition of the search traffic.

And it paid off! About 25-50% of the new site’s growth came from simply redirecting traffic from the two old sites to the new one. But 50-75% of the growth came from the increased authority created by combining the two sites, which was the goal.

The end result?

The practice grew so busy that they had to create a client waiting list. Then, the waiting list got so full they had to close it!

From Crickets to Needing a Calling Service

This firm wanted to increase the number of leads coming from their site. But they didn’t have a budget for a full redesign.

We advised them to focus on the aspects of the site that were most likely to lead to noticeable results.

Specifically, we instituted a branding redesign on the front end and a technical SEO overhaul on the back end. Additionally, we identified key pages to update to current SEO standards and a writing style focused on encouraging conversions.

Finally, over the course of the year, we helped the firm maintain a more regular blog publishing schedule for SEO and an email strategy for nurturing leads.

The end result?
The site refresh was so successful that the firm had to hire a calling service to handle the influx of new phone calls.

34% Boost in Online Check-ins!

This chain of pet clinics was already creating regular content when they reached out to us, but it wasn’t quite working as well as they hoped. To promote a hopeful expansion, they wanted to increase brand awareness by reaching more new users and getting more people to check in for walk-in appointments online.

We built out a keyword strategy around their target demographics. And then we implemented a content plan, including both copywriting and design, to increase their site traffic and support their email campaigns. We credit the success of the SEO campaign to keeping the target client at the heart of all content.

The end result?

The clinics reported a 34% boost in online check-ins for walk-in appointments!

Near 300% increase in clicks and new users compared to last year

More Results

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