Case Study: Some Fantastic 2020 Year-End Digital Marketing Results

This year was a challenge for so many industries, including digital marketing.

People’s internet habits changed drastically last year. So did their needs and concerns. Tried-and-true best practices didn’t always pan out as expected.

Because of this, it was a year of trying new things. Staying on top of what was working — and what suddenly wasn’t working anymore.

With all of that in mind, we want to take a moment to celebrate some year-over-year successes for our clients. We’ll be putting this new knowledge to use in 2021 — and continuing to stay on top of the changing landscape.

From Facebook to Instagram

2020 Instagram Growth

This client was seeing amazing Facebook growth… before the pandemic. But when Facebook’s ad policies became hard to pin down (to say the least), we shifted gears about halfway through the year to focus on Instagram.

And it ended up being an even bigger success!

Organic engagement went up, and their following grew — almost breaking the 2,000 mark — with accounts that are relevant leads for the client’s industry.

By the end of 2021, we’re aiming for at least 5k!

Search Engine Optimization Results

search engine optimization results


Almost double the impressions and more than double the clicks.

This site underwent a branding redesign on the front end, and a technical SEO overhaul on the back end.

We also put a focus on updating existing outdated content by changing to current SEO standards and revising to a more human-friendly writing style.

On top of that, we helped the client maintain a more regular publishing schedule, giving Google more of what it wants.

We’re not letting up the momentum here — and January has already shown signs that the upward trend is continuing!

Website Traffic

Monthly user traffic increased by almost 7X year-over-year.

Now, it’s true that this client combined 3 sites into 1 this year. And by setting up 301 redirects and communicating about the change with Google, we were able to transfer the search traffic from the two old sites to the new big site.

But that newly forwarded traffic accounts for only around 25-50% of the growth.

The remaining growth was the result of improvements made to the sites for search engine optimization, particularly refreshing old content to new SEO standards.

This year, we’re aiming for steady growth to help them stay as busy as they are today!

Get the Digital Marketing Results You Want in 2021 — Reach Out to Talk about Your Plan

Obviously, everyone is different, and there’s no way for us to guarantee these kinds of digital marketing results.

What we can guarantee, however, is that we will utilize the same care, attention-to-detail, and proven strategies whether you’re our biggest client or just starting out and testing the waters.

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