Social Media vs. Email: If You Do the Math, There’s a Clear Winner

Most business owners I meet are stressed out about social media.

“I’m not posting enough.” “I know I’m not posting the right content.” “I’m not even on TikTok yet!”

They worry they’re missing out on a massive marketing opportunity.

If that’s you, I have good news: that “opportunity” is probably not as big as you think.

In fact, social media is the most expensive and time-consuming way to market online.

It’s a content-eating machine, after all. And the social networks themselves control how, when, and even if your content is seen.

If you’re going to stress out about a missed marketing opportunity, there is a far cheaper, easier, and more effective opportunity that many businesses are not taking full advantage of… email!

Email isn’t sexy. Or trendy. It barely changes from year to year. So it’s not very newsworthy.

But it continues to be very widely used.

Let’s look at the math — comparing the largest social network to email.

Facebook’s numbers are impressive. But email still beats them handily.

But here’s the math where you can see why email is the clear winner.

Facebook controls who sees the messages you send. And it wants you to pay for that privilege — in other words, to run an ad. That’s how they make money, after all.

But if you send an email? You can be pretty confident the message is available to be seen on the other end. (Unless you’re a spammer!)

So if you’re stressed about social media, take a deep breath. And consider transferring all that worry to your email marketing.

Are you making the best of that opportunity?