Site Updates and Maintenance


Get your site back up quickly if an issue arises.
$ 72 Monthly
  • Monthly Site Maintenance
  • 5 GB Backup Storage Plan
  • $100/hr for Site Improvements
    & Content Updates


Work to prevent issues from arising in the first place.
$ 195 Monthly
  • Bi-Weekly Site Maintenance
  • 10 GB Backup Storage Plan
  • 2 Hours for Site Improvements
    & Content Updates


Continue to build your site over time.
$ 495 Monthly
  • Weekly Site Maintenance
  • 25 GB Backup Storage Plan
  • 6 Hours for Site Improvements
    & Content Updates

Backup Only

5 GB: $7/mo | 10 GB: $12/mo | 25 GB: $24/mo

Site maintenance helps keep your site running faster and more securely. It includes:

  • ensuring your site is backed up,
  • monitoring site uptime,
  • adding and adjusting anti-spam protection and security when needed,
  • running updates for WordPress, your theme, and your plugins,
  • addressing basic errors that can occur during that update process,
  • fixing issues that impact business operations, such as your site being down,
  • and installing new SSL certificates when yours expires annually

On rare occasions, there is a larger issue that needs to be fixed as the result of an update. In that case, we’ll either recommend rolling back the update or let you know how many additional hours it will take to make a long-term fix. Since you are on a plan, you will get a 25% discount on any hours needed. This is usually only an issue for older sites (over 5-10 years old) and after a new version of WordPress releases.

Site improvements include technical changes to the site to help it run faster and appear higher in search results. It can include:

  • addressing Google Search Console errors,
  • setting up image caching,
  • cleaning up unused code and plugins,
  • compressing large images, and
  • adding structured data markup.

This includes text and image changes to existing pages. For example, you may need to add information on a new event, change your pricing, add a new page, or update seasonal content.

This provides the “bones” of your website that will be customized to fit your needs and your brand. You will need to buy a theme unless you have an existing theme we will work with. It is important that the theme registration is in your name for updates.

Updates are released by WordPress itself and theme developers that address bugs, fix security concerns, and improve the site’s speed and functioning. Keeping these up-to-date can help you with SEO, keep your site more secure, and provide a better user experience for website visitors.

This is a security protocol highly recommended by Google. If you do not have one installed, many browsers will show a warning about the security of your website.

You need to reinstall your SSL certificate at least annually.

Want to know more about SSL certificates? Read this blog post.

You will have access to a list in our task management system Monday where you can see what was completed. And you can always reach out if you have questions about what was done.

Similar to what you might have with your cell phone company, we “rollover” unused hours to future months.

If a site is infected, the last backup could be also infected and useless. The more backups you have, the more chances to go back in time, find a clean version, and restore the site from there.

We offer that, too. Here is our pricing:

5 GB
Full Site Backup 1x Monthly
2 Backup Copies Retained

10 GB
Full Site Backups Twice a Month
Database Backup Daily
4 Backup Copies Retained

25 GB
Full Site Backups Twice a Week
Database Backup Daily
8 Backup Copies Retained

WR Digital Marketing has a specific server dedicated to housing client site backups. We created this because we were frustrated searching for a backup solution that was reasonably priced for small businesses.

In the case of an urgent technical issue, we can restore your website within minutes. And this server also allows us to keep a better eye on your site maintenance. Learn more about our backup plans.

Handling monthly maintenance yourself.

If you don’t want us to handle site maintenance for you, we recommend you handle at least the basics yourself. We can provide you with step-by-step instructions and be available for any questions if you choose to go this route. And you can always switch to having us handle it for you if you prefer.

We’ve found the difficulty clients face is finding time to actually complete these steps regularly. And it is important to run these updates at least monthly — but preferably weekly. We recommend setting a recurring appointment on your calendar if you choose to go this route.