Is It Ever Worth It to Use Fiverr for a Logo?

A lot of marketers will tell you that Fiverr is a waste of money.

Sure, you’ll get a finished product at the end for a relatively inexpensive price. But is that product the best that it could possibly be?

Don’t you want to make sure you’re representing your business in a high-quality way? Isn’t it worth it to spend more now to ensure this?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Let’s look at getting a logo designed as an example.

“But Don’t I Need a Real Logo?”

Big companies spend oodles of time and money designing — or redesigning — their logo.

They do research. They go through multiple iterations. They might even have multiple designers create versions of a logo and test them against each other.

Good for them.

But if you’re a small business, you might not have the budget to invest in a “real” logo. And that’s fine. 

Your goal is simple: get it done!

The most important things about a logo for a small business are:

  1. It looks professional.
  2. It reflects your business’ identity.
  3. It conveys what you do.

If you have to pick and choose for budgetary reasons, you want to focus on number 3:

Convey what you do.


Because Nike, McDonald’s, and Pepsi can get away with logos that, let’s be honest, don’t really tell you anything about the business if you don’t already know.

They can do that. Because they’ve spent millions of dollars and decades of time getting you to associate that logo with their business and what that business represents.

At this point, those brands are so well-known they don’t need to tell people what they do.

Most likely, your business does. 

So what’s most important is that your logo communicates what you do.

The other stuff is gravy.

And if you’re on a budget and want a logo that just communicates what you do, Fiverr may be perfectly sufficient.

A Marketing Agency Is Really Telling Me Not to Use a Marketing Agency?

Sometimes we do that, yeah.

The real point here is that you’re a small business owner. You have to assess everything you need to be effective. Then decide where to spend your budget.

Maybe that’s on your logo. Maybe that’s not. 

For most small businesses, it won’t be in the budget to spend thousands on just their logo. 

And that’s okay.

Focus on the branding and marketing elements that are most important to helping you grow. Don’t blow your whole budget on the perfect logo.

Prioritize the bottom line — making money. (Your business can’t survive long if it’s not achieving that, no matter how amazing the logo!) And be okay with building and improving your marketing over time.

Can WR Digital Marketing Help Me with a Logo Design?

Definitely! We love to help clients with logos.

If you work with the WR team, you’ll end up with a logo that achieves all three important things — as well as brand colors, fonts, image style, and voice guidelines. You’ll also have all the logo file types and formats you need for the long term.

Our logo process includes helping you define your overall brand and costs $1995. That payment can be made in two parts. Here are more logo pricing details and additional info on the process.

But if that doesn’t fit your budget? We won’t be offended if you go with Fiverr!