Clear Branding Helps You
Connect with the Right Audience

When you start your business, it’s not always obvious who your ideal clients are going to be — or even who you want to target. You’re still feeling things out.

Because of this, it is quite possible to start developing a brand and marketing materials that you later realize do not fit you at all.

Such was the case with Sweet Tooth Glassworks, a headshop and glassblowing studio established in 2008 in Eugene, Oregon. When the owner came to us, they were concerned that their current marketing didn’t really represent their brand or their clientele. Specifically, they felt it was “too seedy and dark.”

Here’s an example of what they were doing…

As a business known in the area for supporting local artists and giving back to the community wherever they could, Sweet Tooth instead wanted to focus on:

  • Creating a feeling that was more “hippie, welcoming, and healing”
  • Highlighting their community support
  • Attracting more artists to the back studio 

After working with us, here’s what their marketing looks like now…

A clear difference, right? But what about the all-important question — did it work?

Within 3 months…

  • Increased social post engagement by 17x
  • Rented all artist (bench) space + added a new one
  • YOY sales up consistently by at least 20%

What happened? When your branding is clear and strong, it helps you connect with the audience you want.