Case Study: The Value of a Newsletter Refresh

Recently, one of our clients — Rock Solid Relationship Solutions — came to us for advice on their newsletter. They had been handling it themselves for years but weren’t particularly happy with the engagement rate.

It was clear from their high open rate and low unsubscribe rate that their audience was engaged with the content. But they weren’t clicking through to the site where they might take more actions.

Here are the results from our changes:

The percentages represent the rate of people who clicked through to their site.

As you can see from the graph, our “refreshed” newsletter performed more than three times better than their most recent campaign.

Moreover, they received more than twice as many click-throughs as compared to their average.

We also did a second send to those who didn’t open the first time. This brought their click-through rate even higher — to 3.6%.

So, what did we change?

We helped them follow best practices with their layout. Specifically:

  • Turned links into buttons
  • Shortened full articles to content previews
  • Did a general refresh of the overall design.

You can see the before and after below. And learn more about Rock Solid Relationship Solutions here!

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