Case Study: Tampa Housing Authority’s Annual Management Report — 2022 v. 2023

We make pretty things.

Or perhaps in this this case, I should say that we make things prettier, because that’s exactly what we were brought in to do with Tampa Housing Authority’s 2023 Annual Management Report (AMR).

In this post, we’d like to do a bit of compare and contrast with the 2022 AMR and explain our thought process in making these updates to the design.

1. Cover/Back Pages


  • 2023’s back page is simplified, with necessary information housed in one place: at the bottom–as opposed to being scattered around.
  • In contrast to the 2022 report, design elements on the cover and back pages of the 2023 AMR are replicated inside the report itself, creating a seamless design inside and out.

2. Table of Contents/Mission Statement

  • The 2022 cover image is immediately reused inside the 22 AMR; we wanted to stay away from reusing the same content.
  • Margins in the 2022 AMR aren’t consistently adhered to.
  • 2022 AMR uses block elements behind text that aren’t used anywhere else in the report, while the 2023 report consistently uses the same design elements.
  • 2023 AMR features strict adherence to branding colors and respect to margins.

3. Department of North Tampa Housing Development Corp

  • This section in the 2022 AMR features design elements and data outside of the branding guide. Moreover, development images are used in combination with white type, creating no sense of contrast and a lack of legibility.
  • Our 2023 AMR continues to present data with consistently designed icons and tables. Development photographs are labeled with contrast to promote legibility.

4. Department of IT

  • The 2022 AMR’s tables/graphs are scaled down to a degree that they cannot be read. They appear pasted in with white backgrounds against a pale blue.
  • Our 2023 report simplified the presentation of data and continued the use of consistent design elements – in this case, icons.

Bottom line? Where design is concerned, the details matter.

We sling pixels with the best of them and know our way around a good analog design as well.

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