2022 Year in Review

As much as the New Year is about moving forward, we also think it’s important to step back and celebrate what you accomplished last year! Here are the celebrations of WR in 2022:-

We worked with a colorful array of clients, new and old -our work is NEVER boring

We welcomed new team members who fit right in

We expanded our offerings to include digital marketing workshops and training

We taught the marketing course for PeopleFund’s BIPOC Business Accelerator program

We help clients dominate their local area and others to expand to the international market

We became leaders of several business groups in the Austin area

We updated our own branding to better reflect our uplifting, team-oriented approach

We wrote and designed work — websites, blogs, email newsletters, e-books, logos, ads, social media posts, and more — for which we feel great pride!

What celebrations does your business have to share from 2022?