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I hate the term 'micro business'.

It conjures up images of tiny specimens on a microscope slide.

Insignificant flies buzzing around.

Bits of dust flicked away.

‘Micro’ is not how I would describe any of the companies we work with.

But nearly all our clients technically meet the definition of a micro business — a business with fewer than 10 employees. Many have just one!

Most of these companies think of themselves as simply ‘small businesses’.

Much more fitting.

Unfortunately, most of the small business digital marketing advice, tools, agencies, and even the U.S. government’s Small Business Administration is geared towards much larger “small” businesses.

Depending on the industry, a company can qualify as a small business if it has under 500 to 1,500 employees and earns less than $6-28.5 million in revenue annually.

And these “small businesses” have monthly marketing budgets of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars — instead of hundreds.

The true small businesses are overlooked.

The businesses with owners who live in the same neighborhoods as their clients. 

The businesses driven by a passion for what they do. By a desire to help others.

The businesses that are delivering quality, expertise, and above all care.

The businesses that could do more… if only they could reach more people.

Those are the small businesses we serve.

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