Flex Hours

What are Flex Hours? This is time we can use flexibly to do additional search engine optimization, user experience, and outreach tasks that support our regular monthly efforts.

A few examples:

  • working on a free downloadable resource and landing page to build your email list
  • technical changes to make the site run faster
  • creating an infographic and promoting it
  • improving the site’s mobile-friendliness

And we can use these hours to handle additional requests you may have. A few examples from our current clients:

  • setting up a webinar
  • adding a new client intake form to the site
  • writing copy for a new service and getting it added to the site
  • troubleshooting issues from ‘can I get set up on Hubspot’ to ‘my email isn’t coming to my phone’

How will I know what you’ll do with those hours? Other than in the case of technical issues that need to be addressed quickly, we’ll get your approval in regards to how those hours will be used each month.

We also track the tasks in a shared Google sheet, so you can always pop in, see what was done and what is planned, and if any hours were “rolled over”.

What is rollover? Similar to what you might have with your cell phone company, we “rollover” unused hours to future months. That way, we can “save them up” to tackle bigger ideas that don’t fit in the normal monthly plan.

Likewise, we also “rollover” hours the other way, so if you have a moderate technical issue or site changes that take more than your regularly allotted time, we’ll just spend less time during a later month.

That way, only in extreme situations or for major site changes will you need to pay anything beyond your monthly plan.

Why do you do it this way? Flex Hours:

  • help us to be more effective in our work,
  • make it easier for you to budget (same amount every month!),
  • and prevent us from having to bug you for approval for anything outside of the “normal” plan.

We can just do what you need — and then “rollover” accordingly if needed. Allowing us to do our work — and for you to focus on your own tasks and to-dos.

Handling monthly maintenance yourself.

If you don’t want us to handle site maintenance for you, we recommend you handle it yourself.

It may sound intimidating, but it’s really not hard to learn how to back up and update your site — even if you’re not a website designer or tech whiz. If you can create a Word document, for example, you likely have the necessary skill set.

You just need to click a few buttons in a few places and wait patiently while WordPress works. If you choose to go this route, we can provide you with step-by-step instructions and be available for any questions. And you decide that you prefer for us to handle it, you can always switch.

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