Like everything else this year, Black Friday is sure to look quite a bit different than it has in the past.

Will stores be crowded with people desperate for deals as virus numbers skyrocket? Will sites like Amazon dominate as everyone stays home? Will consumers opt for “necessity” purchases over “fun” items? How do you reach people and convince them to buy from you in this most unusual of years?

SmartrMail has compiled tips from 20 marketing experts that you’re sure to find useful.

Here’s what Juliana had to say:

If you rely on customers coming to your physical location, you need to communicate how you’re keeping them safe. What are the rules to enter your establishment? How are you enforcing them? What are your cleaning procedures? 

Whether or not you are aware, people are talking about what businesses are enforcing safety precautions, like wearing masks, and those that aren’t. If you get a word-of-mouth reputation as a place that isn’t safe, you’ll lose out on customers.

For some people, coming to your physical location simply isn’t an option right now. Whenever possible, make sure your in-person sales are also available online. 

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